Welcome to underDARE!

the Twin Cities first in-person shopping experience for gender-affirming undergarments

March, 2024
Minneapolis, MN
underDARE offers a physical location for LGBTQ+ folks to shop for gender-affirming and other community specific garments they would otherwise have to find online. With multiple brands and inclusive sizing, underDARE offers a comfortable, safe, nurturing, appointment only setting for people to touch, try on, and purchase affirming undergarments.


Founder Marcy Darling explains her motivation for the shop’s launch: “Our youngest child came out as trans-masculine four years ago, at age 11. As he physically matured, he needed compression tanks and traditional chest binders.” She added, “We quickly found out that, even here in our trans-refuge state, the only way to shop for these items is online—without being able to feel them or try them on for size, which can be a very frustrating experience.”Together, Marcy and son realized they could be the answer to this frustration. Marcy runs a one-chair salon/gift shop in south Minneapolis, and they knew the lower level would be the perfect spot for the trans+ community, of all ages and sizes, to shop safely and privately for gender-affirming garments.Young Master Darling explains, “When my mom said that we could start a store for trans people to shop in person and try on things before buying them, I thought that was pretty cool because it’s been really hard trying to get the binders and and things I want to try.” Marcy emphasized, “We hope that everyone who cares about the trans+ community will spread the word about this critical missing piece in our otherwise welcoming state.”


Above all, underDARE values community and community building. Starting with a small collection of pre-owned garments and plan to eventually to offer a sliding scale for folks with low- or no- incomes, a “team of collaborators” already have ideas about events and other collaborations. It’s not just underwear.#ittakesavillage to make great things happen. underDARE has provided the space and the drive to succeed, but they need community involvement as well; From financial or product donations, volunteering, sharing the project, to connecting them with organizations/programs that you think might help underDARE succeed. The hope is for underDARE to become strong enough to have built a solid social enterprise, so that they can give back to the LGBTQ+ community even more.Big plans take big dollars. underDARE has a crowdfunding campaign that has already assisted with the build-out of the lower level into a gorgeous, albeit small, retail space with a bare bones inventory. If you have the means donate, help with funding would be graciously accepted.*unfortunately we cannot offer a tax deductable receipt



Have a product or brand suggestion? Want to donate your gently used garments? Do you have a resource fair you'd like us to attend? You can ask any question here! I'll try to respond within 48 hours.



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*For safety reasons, I had to turn off our address on the online booking site, so our scheduling site thinks underDARE is a mobile business, but, alas, we're not. We aren't providing our exact address until the appointment confirmation email 2 days before your appointment.The scheduling system unfortunately doesn't have a pronoun box, so please leave your pronouns in the notes section when requesting your appointment--we want to be appropriately ready for you when you arrive!!!It may take a moment for the scheduler to load.
Thank you for your patience!
Text 612-666-5976 with any questions.